A Must Have Portfolio Tool

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Weekly Technical Brief – Thursday 14th February 2014

The last week has shown some good gains on a number of Indices and Commodities. Very few of the weekly trends changed this week, and only some of the daily trends. This indicates some stability with the trend, but remember even the daily swing chart is a lagging indicator. The daily trend on Coffee shows… Read more »

Market Update

As an experienced trader and instructor, I have seen trader’s opinions get in the way of actual market movements many times. Both the local and international markets are currently positioned in such a way that many traders and punters are saying they will have to fall, and fall hard. In the Commodities Course, W.D. Gann wrote… Read more »

James Titlow speaking at the Investorium about royalty and metal streaming.

Orb Global’s James Titlow speaking at the Investorium about royalty and metal streaming. As the larger investment houses are seeing increased returns from commodity streaming investments of various types, Orb Global Investments is launching a fund specifically to address the Metal Streaming and Royalty based investment model. With an immediate focus on precious metals such… Read more »

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Think and Grow Rich May Feature

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