Physical Commodities#


It’s about give and take.

At Orb Global Investments we aim to be the market leader in the Commodity broking industry and setting new industry standards.

Orb Global Physical Commodities focuses on the trade and negotiation of commodities in the global market place.

Providing a better way to transact, we bring commodity investors, producers, buyers and sellers a simple and transparent way of trading or investing commodities. We source proven, reliable and professional producers, sellers and buyers through a due diligence process that establishes genuine products and offers.

We seek to provide a bridge between suppliers and buyers, we facilitate negotiations by being the only channel through which information is passed and ensuring clear communications.

We are a global company with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and London.

Physical Commodity Broking#

The commodity broking industry is plagued by opportunistic “Commodity Brokers” with no structure or regulation to validate genuine sellers and buyers.

At Orb Global

  • We provide validated, approved suppliers
  • We have a portfolio of approved buyers and sellers

Why Are We Different

We Validate

We validate both parties to ensure the buyer has the liquidity to purchase and the seller has the physical commodity and relevant documentation in place to sell.

We Negotiate

As we negotiate directly with the buyer and seller we are able to achieve quick resolutions to the mutual benefit of the buyer and seller.

Our highly experienced dealers will negotiate deals to obtain the optimum price point for buyers and sellers.