Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing is an investment strategy that seeks to consider both the financial profitability of our investors and the philanthropic endeavours of our business.

We understand dynamic global changes and value social contribution as the greatest reward of profit.

Our dedication to socially responsible investing is more than just a policy, it’s a commitment we make. In our daily pursuits to secure our clients’ futures, we are continuously taking steps to secure our triple bottom line of ‘People Planet Profit’.

People: Our goal is to financially educate and empower people resulting in the improvement of their quality of life through wealth redistribution.

Planet: Our goal is to directly invest into environmentally sustainable projects to improve the world around us. A percentage of profits will be reinvested into our philanthropic arm and SRI projects.

Profit: Wealth protection first, wealth creation second. Our aim is to maximise profits while adhering to our socially responsible mindset.

We believe that with the right choices, we can achieve significant improvements both in society and our environment. We are actively planning steps towards establishing a pathway to directly invest some of the profits we make towards medical research, harnessing and implementing green initiatives, as well as educational innovations.